Building Homes for Needy Families...

Over the past 15 years, Ruben and his team have built over 20 houses for poor families unable to provide their children with proper shelter. Unfortunately, the global economic crisis and rising prices of oil have contributed to an increasing number of homeless families and deteriorating houses. Now more than ever, Project Hearts needs help funding future construction. A small donation of $2,000 can provide a dignified home for a family and a more promising future for their children.Read More

Improved Wood Burning Stoves...

Improved wood-burning stoves save people time and energy in collecting wood. This time can be used to improve other aspects of their lives. Improved stoves help preserve local resources and the environment, while improving the respiratory health of the community. The eventual construction and sale of stoves to other communities will provide employment for individuals in this community. Read More

So Much More...

Project HEARTS is involved in many projects that affect the lives of rural Dominicans. Through nutrition and medical interventions, we are improving the health of individuals. Additionally, we are advancing family health through house and sanitary infrastructure construction. Finally, we are improving community health through employment and education programs.

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Improving Community Health

through employment and education

Improving Family Health

by building homes and sanitary infrastructure

Improving Individual Health

through food, vitamin, and medicine distribution

Volunteer with Project Hearts

We are always looking for skilled and motivated people to donate their time at home or here with us in the Dominican Republic. Contact us for further information.