The village of La Lomita is trapped in a cycle of poverty, inherited from previous generations of oppressed and subjugated people. We are presenting the youth of La Lomita with an alternative vision for their future. Through education we hope to transform young minds and encourage their pursuit of an inspired and more constructive existence.

With the help of Dr. Zoe Kopp and Dr. Thom Namaya of GRACE Cares, we are providing academic assistance for a growing group of children outside of school. Twice a week, 2 local teachers tutor the children of this community while serving as examples that poverty can be transcended. Both of the teachers were born into poor families and raised in La Lomita; however, both finished high school and now have full-time work.


The soil in the highlands of the Dominican Republic is rich in nutrients and ideal for growing a range of crops. However, foreign investments and remittances from nationals working abroad have increased the cost of land to a degree that it is unaffordable to the rural poor.

Through the generosity of John Allen and Terese Allen we have over 5 acres of land for the community to farm. Any member of the community has the opportunity to help work the land in exchange for a share of the crop. We currently grow beans, corn, yucca, pumpkin, oranges, pineapple, avocados, cherries, mangos, plantains, bananas, and passion fruit.


A lack of employment opportunities in the Dominican Republic prevents skilled laborers from earning sufficient income to support their families and discourages youth from learning a trade or profession. Our goal is to teach men and women a trade and provide local employment opportunities.

We are in the process of building a 1000 square foot Woodshop. Our goal is to create a sustainable technical school that supports itself and its employees through locally sold wood and metal goods. This project is the vision of John and Terese Allen and has been made possible through their partnership with KUMC.