Feed the Children

Many of the rural poor in the highlands of the Dominican Republic lack the means to provide for their children. Unemployment and inflation have diminished the opportunities that previously existed for parents to properly nourish their children. Through the kindness of KUMC, Project Hearts is helping to combat malnutrition with a program to feed children in the impoverished village of La Lomita. Every Sunday we provide an all-you-can-eat feast consisting of chicken, rice, and beans for malnourished children. Additionally, twice a week they are fed porridge and plantains.

The Order of Malta also donates high caloric milk that we distribute among needy families in the area. Through this initiative we monitor and combat extreme cases of malnourished children.

Medicine Distribution

Well-trained, competent doctors staff community health centers in rural Dominican Republic. Unfortunately, however, clinics often lack the funding necessary to provide proper treatment and medication. Project Hearts distributes a range of medical supplies and medicine to community health centers thanks to generous donations from The Order of Malta.

Vitamin Distribution

Vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, and folic acid are vital for proper fetal growth and development. In an area with limited access to postnatal healthcare, it is imperative that pregnant women create a healthy and nutritious environment in which their baby can develop. In order to compensate for this need, we distribute vitamin supplements to disadvantaged pregnant women.