Volunteer trips are a great experience for both the individuals who come to visit from the United States and for Dominicans. We welcome individuals, families, school and community organizations, and religious groups of all faiths to join us. It is wonderful to see people who come from such different cultures and backgrounds unite for a common purpose – to serve their fellow man. Groups are always tremendously impacted by the love and hospitality of the Dominicans, as the trips are always full of hard work, great food, songs, and a lot of laughter. For those who are interested we can also arrange for Spanish Lessons or Bible Study.

For the past four consecutive years, with their Pastor David Bergstrom as lead, groups from Kemblesville United Methodist Church have come to build a new house for a poor family. The families are carefully chosen to ensure that the neediest members of the community are being served and that children are provided with a dignified home. We have youth group trips from New Hampshire as well as individuals from throughout the Northeast US.

We invite individuals and groups of all backgrounds who are interested in helping others to come visit, share, and learn with us. Please contact Ruben Ottenwalder in order to create your own custom Volunteer Trip. We can cater your trip to do any number of projects or activities including building homes, improved wood-burning stoves, water systems, renovating schools, and working with the local children.

The best length for a trip is about one week but even a visit for a day or two during your vacation can be a life changing experience. Please contact Ruben Ottenwalder for information on costs, logistics, a sample itinerary, and a list of projects to work on here or in your community.